Yusran develops custom vertical applications according to the customer’s needs, with superior specifications and very competitive prices. We also have a set of ready-made (horizontal) applications. Here’s a list:

 Hammurabi Hammurabi Legal Package
The complete package for legal works.Hammurabi has the following main sections:

  • The lawyer’s work manager (case management from A to Z)
  • Regulations and jurisprudences library
  • The Syrian Lawyers Syndicate directory
  • And more…

Hammurabi comes with a huge library of regulations and jurisprudences, available now with the Syrian library and the U.A.E. library.

Whether you own a simple legal office or a large legal establishment, Hammurabi is your complete legal works management solution.

Click here to visit Hammurabi.legal website.

 Domino Attack Blocker

Protect your Domino server from spammers and dictionary attacks with this simple but effective tool. The DoAttackBlocker monitors the incoming connections to your Domino server and if it detects an unusual behaviour it blocks the connecting IPs to mitigate the attack and keep the harassers away.

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